Road Tripping

Road Tripping


Timothy and I just got home from our most favorite vacation ever and I have never felt such post holiday blues. As a fun kickoff to my brand new blog and website, and a good way for me to reminisce, I would love to share the details with you. If you are into that. If not just scroll through and look at the pictures. Or go to my Instagram where I am much more brief.

A friend of ours was getting married in Eureka California on Saturday so we decided to make a little vacation of it. We love road trips. So much. Ever since the first time we visited and fell in love with Oregon, Timothy and I have spent plenty of hours on the road between Portland and Orange County. I have never really stopped anywhere in between though, and we never took the scenic route. I loosely made a plan for us, so that we were only on the road about 6 hours at a time, giving us plenty of time to explore along the way. 

Late Wednesday afternoon we left for the Monterey/Carmel area. We had a bag full of snacks, In n Out for dinner, great music queued up, and excitement coursing through our veins! 


I also am really smart (and so fun and spontaneous!) so I didn't book any hotels in advance except for on the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding, thinking that it would be easy to find places along the way. When we got close to Monterey, I started looking for hotels, only to find that everything was either booked or outrageously expensive (like double or triple normal prices). Finally a notification on Hotel Tonight told me what was going on. Yeah the Concours d'Elegance was happening that week in Pebble Beach aka America's richest car show. We finally were able to scrape together a quick reservation at a junky motel for twice its worth. We took the comforter off of the bed and slept on top of the sheets but at least we were able to take showers in the creaky bathroom with a toilet that flushed as loud as an airplane toilet.

It was all worth it though because the next day we woke up and got to explore Carmel. The cutest little town I've been in. We had breakfast on the patio at Katy's Place since Yelp said it was great, and we were not disappointed. We fueled up on waffles and coffee before we headed out to explore.

Watching the cars make their way to the car show was pretty rad too. The landscape combined with the classic cars made us feel like we had traveled to the past. 

Then we headed out to Humboldt county! More tomorrow!

In which we find our way to the beach again

In which we find our way to the beach again