Unattainable beaches

When we were in Big Sur, looking down at McWay Falls, all we could think about was getting to the beautiful pristine beach below. If I recall correctly, it's accessible only during low tide. Well a couple of days later we ended up at yet another lookout with a beach that we couldn't access.

Anyways, after Fern Canyon we made our way towards High Bluff Lookout. It was just a parking lot with 2 trails. It was nothing spectacular but the views were nice. Branching off one of the trails was another overgrown trail that must have lead to the beach at some point, but it was roped off and had a sign that said beach access was no longer available. I'm assuming that there was some sort of slide blocking the trail. Id love to back and try to find another access point, we just didnt have the time (that seems to be the theme of the trip). We thought that it would be awesome to go back to some of these places with kayaks so that we could get to these beaches no matter the tide schedule or conditions. Maybe a short term goal for me would be to be able to kayak in a straight line instead of a circle.

Have I mentioned that we love the beach? The only thing that I love as much as the beach is an adorable beach town. A beach city with a lighthouse and a cheap, laid back restaurant for fish and chips and beer? Check and check and check.