My parents recently celebrated their 30th anniversary and I knew I had to throw them a party. I got together with some friends and intended to make it a complete surprise, but my dad text me a bit later and asked me to help him plan something for my mom. I had to come clean to him and tell him that we had something in the works, but that made it a little easier to get the logistics down and make sure my mom was totally shocked. We were able to pull off the surprise, and I may be (ok I am completely) biased but it was one of the most fun parties I've been to in a while. 

One of my friends practically has a party supply in her garage, so I borrowed candlesticks, cloth napkins, lights and photo booth props from her. Timothy did the flower runner for the tables, and executed my vision way better than I could have imagined. I should be used to that by now though, right?

I was more than happy to have an excuse to order balloons, crepe paper, straws and kids cups from Oh Happy Day Shop. And because I'm a crazy person, I spent a whole lot of time making the giant 30 from cardboard and Paper Source glitter wrapping paper and giant garlands with the Oh Happy Day crepe paper. It turned out a little wonky but it was a fun prop. I reused a lot of the small garlands that I've made for different parties in the past and just had to quickly add a few new ones. Another fun "decoration" was the custom Snapchat filter we made. It's sort of my favorite thing to do for parties now. 

I'm clearly obsessed with printing massive murals and photos, so of course I had to do a couple of oversized photos from my parents wedding and engagement. They make such a big impact though, and I think they are becoming my party signature. Thank goodness my friend Cassie is a photographer, or else I would have had zero pictures of this event (other than my little snapchat below). All in all, it was a beautiful end of summer party that I hope my parents will never forget.  Take a look :