Wish I was here - Montana

I'm pretty much the worst blogger ever so I'm about a year behind on travel and lifestyle photos. I have so many photos just sitting on my external hard drive that need to be shared. Not to mention all of the experiences that I want to record and relive; so I'm starting a new series. On Travel Tuesdays I'll talk about places I've been, places I want to go and trips we are planning. Lets kick it off with Montana!

Our good friends and roommates have family that lives in Whitefish Montana and we were fortunate to be invited to join them on a family vacation there! I honestly never even thought about Montana before, it just wasn't on my map. But once we started planning, Timothy started doing image searches for Glacier National Park and following Instagrammers who have traveled there, and we immediately got super stoked. It was almost a year ago and seriously not a day goes by that Timothy and I don't talk about that trip or wish we were there. I'll just shut up and let the pictures tell the story.