I love weddings. And I mean that in the most cliche rom-com way possible. I am one of the most unsentimental and emotionless people you will ever meet, but I love the magic and the beauty and the pure unfiltered love of weddings. This wedding in the small town of Ferndale checked all of the boxes. We were so honored to be included at the celebration of this adorable couple with the most Pinterest worthy wedding I have been to. Complete with games on the town hall lawn, incredible homemade desserts, honey jar favors, sparklers and a Polaroid photobooth of sorts. 

This wedding made me want to be a wedding photographer. Until I remembered I'm not a very good photographer, especially under pressure ha. But really, I would imagine that some locations (and people) just make it so damn easy to take a good photo.

My favorite part were the hydrangeas planted all around town hall. Since blue hydrangeas were our wedding flower, I had to snap a few photos of them. 


Seriously dreamy. But really, are we ready to talk about the Avenue of Giants yet? Because that's next.