Solar Eclipse

Happy Solar Eclipse day! We had a partial eclipse here in Southern California, so of course we put our welding masks on in the front yard and enjoyed it, and now I'm loving the live stream by Nasa. Follow along here!

Here are my favorite shots from Instagram today! Click through each image for source. Header image found here!



Backyard Inspiration

We currently rent a space from some friends of ours. We have a back bedroom, a private courtyard and garden, and a small detached room in the backyard that we use as a sort of living room. After over a year, we are finally getting the back room dialed (instead of it just being a storage/dumping ground) and I am looking forward to many summer nights hanging out back there. I will post photos once things are more picture worthy, but until then, here is some of my decor inspiration for the back room and backyard. Click through each image for the source.

Beauty: Inspiration

Last week I was watching an episode Keeping up with the Kardashians with some friends (total guilty pleasure, no judgement please!!) when I fell in love with the palm print pajamas the girls were wearing.

A quick google search told me they were from The Beverly Hills Hotel, and out of my price range for pajamas, unless I come into some money (not likely). Lucky for me palm print is not a new trend and it's everywhere right now, so while I don't have the luxe pajamas, I found some pretty great inspiration and I'll definitely be adding some foliage into my life this summer.

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