Wish I was Here - Mammoth

This past trip was my first time visiting Mammoth in the summer. Our last trip it was windy and cold and there was still a lot of snow piled up, and going in August was a totally different experience. It was really great to be able to actually dive (okay slowly ease my way in) into June Lake and dip my feet in Rock Creek. This trip was way too short but we are looking forward to going to camp again before the summer is officially over!

Weekend Happenings

This has been a busy summer and now its finally winding down. This past weekend Timothy and I got to go spend time with his family at Mammoth mountain. His grandparents both passed away last year and their wish was for us to all go on a family trip together and to leave their ashes where Timothy's uncle Richard was laid to rest years ago at his favorite fishing spot.  We also just happened to be there on the weekend of a margarita festival, so it was a great time!

I feel so fortunate to be a part of this fun, beautiful, nature loving family and I am so happy we got to do this together. Hoping this will be a yearly trip for us! James and Jeanne would love that. 

Wish I was here - June Lake Loop

June Lake holds a lot of memories for Timothy and for me. Timothy grew up camping there with his grandparents and parents and its so special that he takes me back there and has included our friends in his traditions.

June Lake and Silver Lake are such beautiful paradisiac areas that are difficult to leave after a day of relaxing there. Since this is my last installment from our camping trip, I'm going to include some of my pictures and some of my favorites from Timothy's grandparents camping trips as well. They were high school sweethearts that camped and road tripped together well into their 90s. I feel so fortunate that they raised a family and a grandson that has such a love of nature and camping and that I am able to be a part of it. 

Weekend Happenings

This weekend we went camping in Bishop. We drove around to Timothy's favorite places in the whole world with good friends. Even after a wash, my hair still smells like smoke and I think we all wish we were still sitting out by the campfire drinking whiskey and listening to the cows moo at us. More pictures tomorrow!

Wish I was here - Portland

We lived in Portland for 2 years, and even though we are back in California for now, it will always have my heart. I'm sure I'll post more over time, but I wanted to add some pictures of our last trip to Portland a few months ago. I added a few of my favorites from when we lived there before. We have a bunch of friends there still and go back to visit often. Portland is changing a lot, especially since our first visit about 10 years ago, but it will always be magical to me. 

There is really too much about Portland that I love for me to get into without it being a week of posts. So for now, here are some pretty photos.